50 Influential Designers & Developers to Follow on Twitter

50 Influential Designers to Follow on Twitter Here are 50 designers and developers to follow on twitter, in no particular order. These people are influential bloggers and social media users who provide great resources and a lot of times, free tutorials, graphics, tips, widgets and more.

  • @designerdepot – runs one of my favorite Inflatable Cubic Tent blogs with extremely useful and applicable tutorials, articles, graphics, tips and advice.
  • @smashingmag – hugely popular design blog with tutorials and resources on CSS, design and all things web.
  • @iblend – part of interactive blend, a design/development firm in NY/NJ that “blends” the traditional agency with new media.
  • @gayadesign – runs a great simple blog with design and development resources
  • @1stwebdesigner – runs a blog with a lot of photoshop/design tutorials
  • @leemunroe – is a great 2.0+ design freelancer for hire with an awesome portfolio and website.
  • @ronicadesign – freelance web designer.
  • @mayhemstudios – designer and media expert that runs a blog with interviews, design tips and media resources.
  • @colorburned – runs a blog with free and paid vector/raster graphics, tutorials and interviews. check out the last interview with @buysellads!
  • @thecolorfreak – designer with a new blog aimed to help you make money with your design!
  • @woork – web developer from Rome, Italy who loves the web, macs and social media.
  • @joshhelfferich – photographer, designer and video producer who makes cool digital media stuff with people from hollywood!
  • @collis – CEO and founder/designer behind the @envato sites. great thinker and business person!
  • @abduzeedo – influential blogger with great tutorials and graphics resources
  • @ilovetypography – lover of fonts and typography. runs a great blog about everything fonts + other design matters.
  • @gracesmith – freelance web designer from Ireland. Runs cssloaf.com
  • @justcreative – influential blogger and freelance web designer currently getting his graphic design degree in Australia.
  • @mike9r – one of the original founders of 9rules.
  • @tweetie – author of the new tweetie application for mac! great mac developer.
  • @youthedesigner – runs a design blog with tips, freebies, resources and more.
  • @danrubin – designer and developer. check out his last post on why IE6 is dead.
  • @problogger – very influential professional blogger who blogs for a living and shows you how to do the same.
  • @elliotjaystocks – influential designer and author who runs a popular blog. also speaks at design conferences!
  • @snookca – influential programmer who’s authored books and written some great applications including snitter.
  • @chrisspooner – runs the spoongraphics design blog and spoon feeds you design tutorials.
  • @bittbox – runs a blog with a lot of free resources and designer showcases
  • @chriscoyier – great 2.0+ designer with tutorials and interviews with influential designers like @collis on his blog.
  • @cssglobe – runs a blog about css resources, tips and tutorials
  • @designyoutrust – runs a blog that showcases great photography, design and resources
  • @flytweets – future designer of flytweets.net, custom twitter backgrounds
  • @psdfan – runs a popular blog for photoshop tutorials
  • @fuelcreativity – runs a great design blog made to inspire your design
  • @smashingapps – runs a blog with resources (and apps) for designers and developers.
  • @glstock – runs a design, development and strategy group from St. Louis.  Also runs GL Stock Images.
  • @dannyoutlaw – designer who runs an influential design blog with tutorials, tips and resources about freelancing and design. also video blogs.

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