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Why Does American Advertising Creativity Fall Behind the Rest of the World?

As with many things, America was once the leader in advertising creativity.  It seems, now, that we await the annual Super […]

Difficult Clients: Infographics to Help You Cope

The odd thing about a difficult client, is that they usually echo the same problems you hear other designers describe […]


Splunk All Over My Facebook! New Apps for Hookups (NSFW)

It was only a matter of time before a new third-party perversion was introduced to Facebook users… after Farmville, of […]

Oktoberfest Girl - GL Stock Images

It’s Oktoberfest! But What is IT?

Those of us with German heritage look forward to Oktoberfest every year as an important part of our culture and […]


5 Minute Logos Makes Designers Go Bat Shi!t Crazy

I’m the first one to slam designers for agreeing to a bastard client’s refusal to pay more than $50 for […]


The Latest Creative Craziness (WARNING: Some Items NSFW)

Sometimes there’s just too much good stuff on the web at one time. So, instead of the 10 best of […]

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Short Attention Span Theater: 5 Second Films

Commercials used to be at least one minute and some shows had the actors doing commercials for their own shows […]


Responses to Passive/Aggressive Office Notes (NSFW!)

There are many things I miss being a freelancer.  Daily office life holds wonderful human interaction and negates the need […]


Creatives receive an Oscar but it’s not shoved in their hands!

My first Facebook post during the Oscars was my confusion about the Jaws theme being played over the acceptance speech […]

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Weird Thanksgiving Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Not many people know that my grandmother was the worst cook in the world, and her Thanksgiving concoctions, which she […]