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Image sizing – trial and error

Images are vastly important to the success of your social media posts. If you missed our post about this, you […]

Kevin Weir’s Wonderfully Weird Ghostly Animated Gifs

We love cool animated gifs (who else brought you the entire collection of Google FIFA World Cup Soccer gifs?) The […]


The Robots of 1920: Paintings by Jakub Rozalski

Remember Dinotopia? The fictional utopian society where humans and dinosaurs lived a symbiotic existence? The original book, written and illustrated […]


Nightmare Art From Your Happy Childhood Memories

We all have happy childhood memories of those characters we loved and watched throughout our childhood, so, naturally someone like […]


Are Animated GIFs the New Standard Web Images?

Web experts claim that people prefer videos and images to written copy on websites. Many news stories open with a […]

Surprised Santa - GL Stock Images

Images of Christmas You Might Not Expect

By now you’ve seen at least three people wearing a Peanuts Christmas sweater or sweatshirt because it’s the Christmas season. […]

Infographic Posters - GL Stock Images

Cool Anatomy Infographics

There are great infographics and really, really really boring infographics. Illustrator and designer, Rachel Ignotofsky decided to create a series […]

Superhero Couple - GL Stock Images

Comicon and the Power of Comic Books in Business

When I was a kid, my parents and teachers all said that comic books would rot my mind and turn […]

Creative Kickstarter Projects - GL Stock Images

Creative and Crazy Kickstarter Design Projects

Have you ever had an awesome product idea but never followed through due to lack of funding? Thanks to, you can now crowd source your funding to make your design ideas come to life. Check out these fun and creative Kickstarter projects that have been fully funded and are in production.


The Latest Creative Craziness (WARNING: Some Items NSFW)

Sometimes there’s just too much good stuff on the web at one time. So, instead of the 10 best of […]