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Vector Graphics – easy edits

Graphic design is everywhere, and most people don’t even realize. A vector is a form of graphic design, as these […]

Things You Didn’t Know About New Year’s Eve

As with every holiday, New Year’s Eve holds some mystery, some joy, and, of course, confused emotions about one’s existence. […]

Thanksgiving Meal - GL Stock Images

Weird Thanksgiving Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Not many people know that my grandmother was the worst cook in the world, and her Thanksgiving concoctions, which she […]

Scary TV Show - GL Stock Images

Why Does American Advertising Creativity Fall Behind the Rest of the World?

As with many things, America was once the leader in advertising creativity. It seems, now, that we await the annual […]

Superhero Couple - GL Stock Images

Comicon and the Power of Comic Books in Business

When I was a kid, my parents and teachers all said that comic books would rot my mind and turn […]

Comic Book Typography - GL Stock Images

Comic Book Confidential: Suggestive and Steamy (NSFW)

Having worked for DC Comics and MAD Magazine, I can truthfully tell you that writers and comic book artists know […]

Fiverr Feature

Fiverr: Yet Another Entry into the $5 Logo Market

After a nice weekend with my kids, Monday morning comes along and I make the mistake of turning on my […]

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Will Mark Cuban’s Design Contest Succeed?

If you haven’t heard, billionaire, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has entered the crowdsourcing arena with his controversial […]


Old Safety Booklet Art Meant to Scare Children to Death

Riding your bike is fun and good for your health… until it kills you in a very nasty, bloody manner! […]


Anti-U.S. North Korean Propaganda Art

Propaganda art is fascinating, powerful and plays on emotions. There are few nations in the world who keep up with […]