Are Animated GIFs the New Standard Web Images?

Web experts claim that people prefer videos and images to written copy on websites. Many news stories open with a […]

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

What happens when two family holidays coincide? Well, firstly, you only have to put up with your meshuga family only […]

Short Attention Span Theater - GL Stock Images

Short Attention Span Theater: 5 Second Films

Commercials used to be at least one minute and some shows had the actors doing commercials for their own shows […]


Into Africa Video

Join us on safari as we cross a new threshold in 2012. Graphic Leftovers is now GL Stock Images. Buyers […]


Eerie Landscapes for Halloween Video

A stormy night, creepy skulls, graveyards and just plain fun stuff! Turn up the volume because here is a selection […]


Summer Wanes Video

Golden sunsets and lazy days, a selection some some of our favorite end of summer stock photos from GL Stock Images.


When Autumn Arrives Video

See the gold and red jewel tones of nature as seen through the photographer’s eye.  Here is a selection some […]