The Coolest Little BIG Photography Trick

car_photography_tips.featured Remember when Tilt-Shift was the BIG thing, making real photos look like little toys? Well, photographer and model builder, Michael Paul Smith has created a set of photos that are amazing but you won’t see the trick right away.  That’s why this is such a great photography trick! Take a look at the top image, then look at these images, very carefully and see if you can guess what trick Michael uses to get the perfect shot of nostalgia and mint classic cars and trucks (no cheating by scrolling down!) classic_car_photography.1 classic_car_photography.2 classic_car_photography.3 classic_car_photography.4 classic_car_photography.5 robot_photos Okay, so some of his photographs aren’t of classic cars…  maybe destined to be classics? photography_tricks.1 Now take a look at this shot. How does a 500 foot-tall man work and function in this world? The answer is; he creates his own world with a little work and an eye for perspective and a talent for model building. Unlike Tilt-Shift, Michael makes small toys look like real life! photography_tricks.2 Michael has figured out all the angles and with a keen knowledge of lighting, painting, set building and a huge collection of model classic cars. He creates scenes that boggle the imagination once people discover they are miniature models set against real streets and buildings. Here’s how he does it.  model_cars.set1a model_cars.set1b model_cars.set2a model_cars.set2b model_cars.set3a model_cars.set3b model_cars.set4a model_cars.set4b model_cars.set5a model_cars.set5b Michael’s photos of what he refers to as a mythical city, known as Elgin Park (no relation to Elgin, Illinois), uses his love of model cars and 25 years experience as a model maker. The quirkiness is only evident when he pops his head up into the shot, otherwise, it’s art that depends on meticulous detail to fool the viewer. See his entire collection on his Flickr page.

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