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960x340-contributor-image-v2b Over the last 8 years, GraphicLeftovers has  been one of the highest quality, yet most affordable providers of stock photography & vectors in the industry. Founded by a developer and graphic design duo, the integrity and quality of work produced through GL has been the most important aspect of the business. Almost two years ago, the original owners made the decision to stop accepting new contributors to Graphicleftovers, relying on sellers from years ago to continue the flow of new images.  The primary reason for this was that there were too many images being submitted for the owners to handle. We are pleased to announce that GraphicLeftovers has been acquired by a team of marketing professionals who are committed to expanding the GL brand and increasing revenues for contributors of GL. What does this mean for the immediate future? 1) Effective immediately, new contributors may now sign up and sell their images through Graphicleftovers once again! You may sign up using the following link: https://graphicleftovers.com/sellers/new 2) We have heard your concerns, and we are here to answer your questions. We are committed to providing better customer support to address the ongoing needs of our members.  When logged in, you will be able to use our messaging system and send us a message directly. However, we also ask that you email us if this is more organized for you. Additionally, we are implementing a support ticket system in the next few days, where you will be able to submit a support ticket and follow your ticket! We are here to help, do not hesitate to reach out! 3) With the opening of new contributors, we are rolling out a commission structure of 40% for ALL licenses sold. This mean if you sell a standard license, a merchandising license, or an Ultimate License, you will receive 40% of the total sale price.  – It is important to note that GraphicLeftovers does NOT offer subscriptions to buyers. We only offer an “a la carte”, buy as needed service for buyers. This is a HUGE benefit for sellers, because at the larger firms, when a “subscriber” purchases your photo, you receive pennies on the dollar.  This is great for the large firms to pad their pockets, but horrible for the sellers doing all of the hard work! 4) GL and all major firms always retain the right to use photos submitted to advertise their own businesses.  While GL has rarely done so, we will be using select photos in an effort to not only advertise our own business, but to advertise your portfolio as well! When we select your photo to be published on any one of many outlets, such as Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, we will give you credit and we will link to YOUR portfolio at GraphicLeftovers! So you will be getting free publicity encouraging viewers to purchase your photos. 5) We are completely streamlining the payment process for more predictable payments. Payments will be made every Wednesday for users who have crossed the $100 threshold, and who have requested payment.  6) You do not have to exclusively publish your stock photos & vectors with GraphicLeftovers in order to gain the financial benefits of contributing with us. Enjoy the freedom to sell your images with as many companies as you’d like. If you have great quality images, we are confident you will do very well with GL! We will be rolling out many new features in the upcoming future, so please check back for more announcements.

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