The Importance of Imagery

Have you ever seen a picture and immediately stopped to read the text underneath it/beside it/on it? Chances are you have, and that’s because your eye was drawn to it.  Boldly colored fonts on a brightly contrasted background are also good ways to catch your eye, but we’ll talk about that another time… For now, let’s talk about why everything you post online should have an image with it.

Images are the  most important tool you can have in your marketing toolkit, because they stand out. When you’re scrolling through a social media feed, you can often be overwhelmed by the walls of text that appear in front of you. No matter how long or short the text may be, if there is a lot of it, you’re more included to keep scrolling.  However, the ability to grab someone’s attention in the ever-evolving and quick-paced digital world is priceless.

In fact, there are so many companies who have explicitly said that images are just as important on their social media posts as their wording. For example, Facebook has said that 93% of the most engaging posts across their entire website are photo posts. What’s even more impressive is that photo posts on Facebook get 120% more engagement compared with average posts!

It is important to have an image with your social media posts

It is important to have an image with your social media posts

Twitter has also found the same type of interaction to be true.  In fact, Twitter posts that have an image attached to them are retweeted 150% more than tweets without images. Given that Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used social media websites, for consumers, businesses and everyone in between, these statistics say an awful lot about the importance of photos.

Ideally, you want a unique image to accompany your text, but unfortunately, most people – and companies – are not in a position to pay an illustrator to create an individual image for each and every post they put online.  There is a solution though, and that solution is to avail of the hundreds of stock images available.  Stock images are the perfect solution to ensuring your post has an image attached to it, particularly if you don’t have the ability to snap a shot yourself.

If you avail of stock images, you know that your post is more likely to get engaged with, and will be engaged with more, than a post without one.

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