Retro Advertising: Why Madison Avenue Ruled!

Well, Mad Men are back on the air, reminding us of a somewhat skewed view of life and business of advertising on Madison Avenue in the 1960s. Still, while the backstabbing, sexual affairs, backstabbing and more backstabbing is as accurate as can be, even for censors of a late night cable show, the ads they work on just aren’t true to the creative force of the day. coque iphone While Hollyweird can’t match the creativity of the day… or any creativity now, The least they could do was look up the plethora of ads that had people sitting in front of the TV to watch the commercials, which were as entertaining as the shows themselves. Maybe more so! Yes, every brand had a “jingle.” These musicals for the short-attention-span audience were original and fully orchestrated, as opposed to the practice of using existing pop tunes these days. During the 1960s, most shows had one sponsor and being sponsored by one company, the characters often did the commercials for the sponsor’s product. coque iphone 6 There are many shows from the 1960s you won’t see on tv because the opening of the show included a cigarette commercial or for a product that is no longer a sponsor. If you do see these shows, the openings are cut out, which allows for other advertisers and more saved original content. There are hours upon hours of commercials available on YouTube, so, enjoy, observe, learn and figure out why we make such different commercials these days. Of course, as movies and drive-ins were still popular, before the days of BetaMax, VCRs, LaserDisc and DVDs, there was a need for commercials for the theaters, as well as the coming attractions. Madison Avenue jumped on that like people just on the latest social media app. McDonald’s has been on the forefront of advertising since the 1960s, helping it become the number one restaurant choice, global entity, billion dollar corporation with the most recognized logo in our known universe. I guess their contract with da debil worked out?! It’s those old Saturday morning commercials that were probably the most challenging to the Mad Men. coqueiphone They couldn’t use smoking, drinking or large-breasted models in the ads for kids…. coque iphone 2019 so they only went with the large-breasted model route. If you like retro toy commercials, check out this article with a ton of funny and cool toy commercials! And toys were specialized advertising in the 1960s; for whites, to whites. from whites. coque iphone xs max Diversity and inclusion wasn’t a factor as that had not been scientifically discovered until 1996. But, remember, these were the changing 1960s and even though the words, characters and themes were the horrid, un-pc things that would never be used now, are part of the history of Madison Avenue and the whole United States at that moment in time. The one common thread that reaches from then until now are the actors in these ads. The hairstyles, music and fashions may change, but those souess actors and voiceovers will always be with us, unchanged… a walking dead, so to speak. And we leave you with the creepiest commercial ever made… also a product of the 1960s.