Stock image companies and copyright

Copyright infringement is serious business, but it happens a lot more than you think, and unintentionally.  The internet is wonderful for finding things. Type a word into a search engine and you’ll be given hundreds of thousands of results.  The difficulty is then trying to find the original source for the content. The internet is essentially one big open source co-working space where everyone can contribute something. It can sometimes  happen that people grab an image off the web and stick it with their post on social media, assuming it’s fine. Unless the image was specially created for reuse and reproduction, this is copyright infringement. If we really thought about it, sharing an internet meme is infringement, but let’s not go too deeply into that rabbit hole.

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Copyright is a complex puzzle with many pieces

This is where stock photos come in; designed for reuse and reproduction, stock photo companies pride themselves on having a huge range of images to suit every type of post. The temptation to use an image you found online for free can be huge, but it’s not worth the risk.  Copyright infringement is illegal in many countries, and it is so damaging to the creative industry. Stock image and graphic companies provide a solution to this problem; many people are not in a position to hire someone to create a bespoke image or graphic for every piece of content they put online. That’s why these companies exist, to provide an affordable solution for images and graphics, without the potential for legal hassle. Stock photo companies have membership options, along with the option to download the license for a single image. Depending on what you will use the image for, what type of company you are, and what your budget is, there is something for everyone.  Just check out what we have, and see what suits you best.

GL Stock Images

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