Wondrous Weird Thrift Store Art

thrift_art_featured Thrift stores offer a wide range of art to adorn your walls at low,  low prices… if you can stomach pretty bad art! Sometimes it’s paint-by-numbers art and sometimes it’s framed puzzles but with a little imagination and a set of brushes and paints, someone like David Irvine can create wondrous,  weird,almost psychotic worlds of wackiness that take these $1 objects d’ art into full blown masterpieces. Here’s just part of his wacky collection! ta_wild_things ta_walking_dead ta_ufo ta_staypuft ta_spock ta_serene_death ta_scary_pumpkin ta_pumpkin ta_pacman ta_octopus ta_muppet ta_lawn_trooper ta_last_supper_video_game ta_lake_robot ta_jabba ta_hoth ta_ghostbusters ta_fishing_bears ta_dukes_of_hazzard ta_drunk_bambi ta_drinking_bird ta_death_ducks ta_darth_fishing ta_chainsaw ta_bigbadwolf ta_barn_cat ta_arthur_blacknight Impressed? Depressed? Well, whatever you are,  you can revel in David’s madness by purchasing an original piece or just a print. You ban also see more examples on his Facebook fan page, The Gnarled Branch.

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